Critical Thinking

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The ability to think clearly, rationally and using unbiased reasoning can lead to solving critical issues
systematically. In today’s information age, critical thinking skills is one of the most important tools
that enhances key developmental areas of logic, data analysis, knowledge gathering, problem solving,
ability to form structured arguments, creativity and idea management, meticulous decision-making,
evaluation of varied perspectives, negotiation, conflict resolution, and synthesis of personal values
& valid conclusions reached on the basis of orderly evidence.
This course uses interactive study techniques, practical understanding of current day complex
scenarios and active learning methodology, to direct students towards mastery of critical thinking
skills that can be effectively applied in daily life and in formulation of well drawn-out decisions.

– Understand importance and key processes of critical thinking
– Start defining issues clearly and evaluating information factually
– How to collect data, apply broad knowledge and experiences to solve difficult problems
– Redefine the way you see things with an unbiased mind and accurate analysis
– Become skilled at noting and resolving critical thinking errors
– Start solving problems with superior confidence and making key decisions based on sound judgment
– Learn how critical thinking is a make or break tool while analyzing data
– Start using creative thinking to open your mind to possibilities
– Respond with curiosity instead of reacting with emotion
– Learn to effectively use various techniques to think critically and draw valid conclusions
– Develop skills of conflict resolution, superior questioning and win-win negotiation
– Grow with knowledge of the methods of logical inquiry, argumentation and reasoning
– How to analyze, commit and evaluate potential outcomes
– Become more resourceful, persuasive, emotionally intelligent, creative, logical, organized,
unbiased and factual while resolving a critical issue or handling complex situations