Personality Development with Soft Skills

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Personality Development
Development is an enduring process of fostering, shaping and enhancing individuals’ skills,knowledge and interests to ascertain their maximum efficacy and compliance. Development covers an assortment of activities, one of which is the knowledge of Corporate Etiquette and Personality Development.
The objective of the programme is to build self-confidence, enhance self-esteem and improve overall personality of the participants. The programme aims at grooming the participants through sensitizing them about proper behavior, socially and professionally, in formal and informal circumstances.
IIMK is happy to offer world-class training in social and business etiquette, corporate and international protocol, good manners and dining skills. Whether you are an executive or a student, our program on corporate etiquette and personality development is designed for you to hone your skills and improve your professional image.
Subject Aim
– To develop students to portray themselves in their best version
– To be able to represent selves as confident and professional personalities

Soft Skills
Understanding people and learning to manage them, is one of the most difficult tasks,everybody has to face today, especially the managerial staff of an organisation. Most successful leaders and training experts are suggesting that in order for a company to achieve a smooth running of its operations, to evolve and become profitable, it is essential to firstly take a closer look at its employees.
“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice”
–Brian Herbert (Author).