Career Overview

The focus of business analysis is functions and processes-identifying business needs and recommending solutions.

Business analysts:

--> Evaluate an organizations business model , including documents,processes, systems and technologies.

--> Gather and translate business problems and requirements into language understandable by the technical teams .

--> Liaison between the business and IT departments.

Skills Required

--> Technical and business knowledge

--> Understanding of the specific technologies that the organization is using .

--> Understanding of the overall business purpose and functions as well as the pain points within the business.

--> Ability to speak in the technical terms used by internal departments.

--> Ability to work well with others

Related Job Titles

Related job titles in business analysis Include :

--> Business analyst

--> Operations analyst

--> Functional analyst

--> Strategy consultant

Career Overview

The focus of business analytics is data and reporting–analyzing past business performance and predicting future business performance .

Data analysts :

--> Look at sales figures , competitive market research , and logistics data to interpret meaning full trends , gaps and opportunities .

--> Communicate findings to stakeholders and senior management through summaries , graphs, and forecasting models .

Skills Required

--> Programming skills in the languages used at an organization.

--> Data visualization and presentation skills.

--> Foundation in statistics (and potentially more advanced methods and algorithms,like machine learning , natural language processing , neural networks or “deep learining”).

--> Ability to translate mathematical and statistical methods and results into business language to present to stakeholders and executives.

Related Job Titles

Related job titles in business analysis Include :

--> Data analyst

--> Data manager

--> Data technician